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Holly timeline

This is my attempt to put the Anacrusis stories about Holly in chronological order, mostly to help myself understand them better. A lot of it is obviously just my speculation.

Childhood and Adolescence

When Holly is four, she cries and complains, and so does the sky. It's probably not a coincidence.

When she's fourteen, there is an older woman named Rowan, who among other things offers to buy her a dress. Rowan is a mentor and benefactor figure, and also apparently something of a mystic; there's some indication that she's trying to help Holly gain some control over and understanding of her power.

But Rowan dies before that can be accomplished, leaving only aborted fragments of an education: latin endings and fortune telling techniques.

(Somewhere around here, I'm going to say, comes the occasion where Holly goes skinny dipping, and Dave, who has a crush on her, has mixed feelings about it. I'm putting it in high school mostly because I think he sounds like a teenager.)

At 'almost sixteen', Holly has a sweetheart, Roger. They hang out and get high on the roof of the athletic building, and Holly makes ants do her bidding.

Roger is her date to the senior prom. Instead of to the dance, they drive out into the desert somewhere, and Holly has the pensive premonition that there's something she ought to be doing. She and Roger throw rocks, and embrace, and one of those things or something else makes it start to rain.

The rain floods the town, and the school, where the dance is taking place. Holly (abandons her shoes and) takes Roger's truck to try to save the people trapped there, at which she apparently fails.

After that night, Holly avoids Roger (she plants him yellow flowers, like she left on Rowan's grave). The students who aren't dead graduate, and she leaves for college, where she meets a girl named Rose.


Rose and Holly, both named for plants, become best friends, or lovers, or possibly both. There are various scenes in which they bond and have conversations:

Somewhere in here, too, Rose conducts a survey on 'what girls smell like', which apparently doesn't involve Holly at all.

The drought

Somehow, Roger comes back into Holly's life. There seems to be a fairly substantial period, not covered in any stories, where this is a happy thing.

...until Roger sleeps with Rose (or, possibly, until Holly realizes that they're sleeping together). EDIT: Wait, here is where she puts her hand through the glass door.

After the confrontation with Roger, Holly cuts her hair short, possibly as a relationship-exorcism ritual, and holes up in her apartment, isolated from her friends and everyone else. She has a picture of (apparently) herself, Rose and Roger, happy the previous Summer.

There is a terrible drought, severe enough that several people die. Holly stays in; after a couple of weeks, she puts her hand through a glass door, and finally cries. (This might actually be closer to the confrontation than I'd thought, given that Holly still hasn't cleaned up the glass and is worrying about the AC like that's a new concern. But that would mean that the drought dates to before the trouble with Rose and Roger, and Holly clearly associates the two; I'll stand by this for now.)

Sometime shortly after, Jake finds Holly collapsed in the street. He calls an ambulance, and goes to the hospital with her.

A girl named Maya takes Holly home and nurses her to health. (She apparently makes a habit of this.) Holly's hand is still wounded. She thinks the glass may have changed the lines on her palm; Maya recommends a fortune teller.

That fortune teller is Madam Zaganza, who is actually the Great Zaganza in drag. (The same Great Zaganza who was once tested and saved by Rita and company; Holly's interactions certainly are industrious at placing modern-time bad pennies in the same universe.) Holly confesses that she thinks she caused the drought, but Zaganza believes that she's wrong.


Here's a piece of something neat that Brendan said to me in the livejournal comments for the most recent Holly story, which I reproduce rather than linking because in a couple of weeks that thread will have fallen off the internet:

Two things I'm pretty sure of: if she hadn't fallen in the flooded parking lot, Holly could have been a hero. And though her own beliefs on the subject are contradictory, I don't think she or her feelings control the weather; I think the weather hates her.
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